Primary Processing Centres provide collection facilities for farmers produce in a scientific manner so as to reduce wastages at the farm level. PPCs would provide for primary processing facilities such as washing, sorting, grading, mechanical weighing and crating of produce. While they would be directly linked to the CPC, they would also be linked to organized retail outlets and other general trade functionaries in metropolitan cities so as to reduce the intermediation in the value chain and thus enhance value creation at the farm level. Produce collected at the PPCs would be transported using reefer vans for perishable produce as and when required. PPC is the main interface point with farmers and would be the points of price discovery for the farmers. IFPL would set up PPCs at Tumkur, Chikballapur, Kolar & Mysore.

Apart from these, select districts in secondary catchment would be targeted for procurement pulses, wheat and other produce. Depending on the need of the tenants, the PPC network would be further spread to few other locations going forward. A detailed analysis of procurement plan from the primary and secondary catchment area is captured in chapter on - Cluster Identification. The space allocation for each PPC was arrived at based on the projected procurement volumes from each PPC and the maximum volume of produce expected to be handled at the specific PPC on any day of the year.

CommodityCurrent SourcingSourcing Locations
Wheat12000 tonsSourcing Sharbati, Lokwan and Hybrid varieties from over 36 locations. Grading, processing and packaging: Plant at Buhler, Madhya Pradesh
Atta26000 tonsContract manufacturing at Raniganj, WB, Delhi, Gwalior and Indore, MP
Rice60000 tonsSourcing local varieties from Haryana, Punjab, UP, MP, Karnataka and Chattisgarh
Pulses59000 tonsDomestic and imports from Myanmar, China, Australia & US
Spices3600 tonsLocal and powdered spices like chilles(Karnataka), turmeric (Tamil Nadu), Jeera and Dhania (Gujarat and Rajasthan)
Dry Fruits1500 tonsAlmonds from California, Walnut sourced from Jammu, Cashews from Kerala and Karnataka, Raisins from Maharashtra and Groundnuts from Rajasthan and Karnataka